Privacy Enforcement





True Data Protection by Design - Simplified

Using our integrated solution, achieving real Data Protection by Design (DPbD) is both realistic and straightforward. 

  • A business analyst role uses Privacy Designer to define the legitimacy, scope, risks, and constraints for each privacy "purpose".

  • For existing personal data sources, a database administrator maps enterprise data via the Identity Data Gateway. 

  • For entirely new applications, solution architects can leverage our encrypted Personal Data Vault (part of our Privacy Firewall suite).

  • Developers use the Privacy API and transparently gain Privacy Firewall compliance enforcement.

  • Privacy Processes Manager enables business analysts and developers to extend the solution and assemble event-driven privacy process rules, using low-code BPMN2 standard orchestration.

  • Data Subjects use the real-time, graphical Privacy Center portal, for self-service on-boarding, KYC, full processing transparency, and comprehensive, real-time legal rights fulfillment across your application, service, and product portfolio.