Unstructured Data Support

Structured Data
Unstructured Data
  • Stored in databases
  • Relatively easy to find
  • Relatively easy to manage
  • Stored...everywhere
  • Difficult to identify and classify
  • Difficult to manage (with conventional approaches)
PRIVACY VAULT is able to comprehensively address the management of unstructured data, providing a solution for new applications and a migration path for legacy application remediation and cloud migration.
  • Any new or digitally transformed applications can securely store all types of unstructured data, of any size within PRIVACY VAULT storage. This data will be automatically encrypted, uniquely for each person.
  • Each unstructured file or object can be tagged with customizable and unlimited metadata to classify content and relationships
  • PRIVACY VAULT includes the only GDPR compliant data discovery tools in the industry. These assist in identifying and migrating unstructured data from unoptimized and insecure locations to person-centric, encrypted and pseudonymized personal vaults, in the cloud, on premises or hybrid deployments.