Privacy Compliance Enforcement

PRIVACY OPS shifts privacy enforcement controls from applications into infrastructure (where they belong). 


This is the same principle used in Firewalls, Access Managers, API Managers, CASB, DLP gateways, and other classic enforcement technology. PRIVACY OPS uses this same approach to protect personal data and individual rights, for transparent and sustainable compliance.


DevSecOps, Privacy, and Digital teams can collaborate via PRIVACY OPS to:

  • Use Privacy Firewall technology that transparently enforces data protection compliance according to your design. 

  • Protect data through encryption, zero-trust multi-party computation, and dynamic de-identification.  

  • Connect to all your data sources, on-premises or cloud.

  • Orchestrate privacy processing rules for each data event.

  • Generate Records of Processing Activities for all personal data operations.


Our privacy enforcement infrastructure approach prevents non-compliance and data breaches across all types of digital applications and products.