Data Protection by Design & by Default

Data Protection by Design begins with... design.


Our PRIVACY DESIGNER organizes all operational compliance information, documents, diagrams, and policies in one secure, collaborative system, enabling you to define: 

  • Personal Data producing and consuming assets.

  • Purposes, lawful basis, proportionality, and data scope.

  • All information disclosed to the data subject.

  • Data protection risk assessments (DPIA) and risk scoring, including 3rd party vendor risk management.

  • Assessment of Benefits vs Harm (i.e. Proportionality).

  • Generated, accurate, and versioned privacy policies, linkable to your web and mobile applications.


Stakeholder collaboration is used to comment and approve all privacy designs prior to deployment - ensuring and demonstrating consistent regulatory accountability. 

PRIVACY DESIGNER may be used stand-alone to create logical privacy designs, or together with other ContextSpace Platform components to establish proactively-enforced, operational privacy assurance.