Protected Health Information

PRIVACY VAULT provides a secure, privacy protected and highly interoperable  platform for managing and sharing clinical data among patients, practitioners, carers, families and support networks. 

The solution is able to collect data - with HIPAA-compliant data protection and GDPR-compliant lawful basis and purpose limitation - from a virtually any number of data sources, including a wide range of EHR systems, claims records, connected health and wearable devices.  


Health and related data can be stored in individually encrypted PRIVACY VAULT containers, ensuring exceptional privacy, portability and control over patient health records.

Advanced healthcare functionality includes support for HL7 FHIR, personal health dashboards, accurate provider directories, data-driven experience-based diagnosis, intelligent practitioner referrals, "break the glass" emergency release of health record data under strong security and regulatory compliance protection - and much more.


PRIVACY VAULT is able to securely manage virtually all types of clinical or other health-related documents, of any size, with state-of-the-art personalised encryption.