Longitudinal Database

IoT represents the fastest growth segment for personal data, thanks to connected mobiles, sensors, automobiles and devices of all kinds that generate personal preference, activity and other sensitive data.
The rapid adoption of IoT, with billions of new devices and pervasive corporate edge-computing, is not exempt from data protection regulations.   Just the opposite, regulators have identified IoT as an area with potentially severe risk of harm to data subjects. 
PRIVACY VAULT provides a comprehensive solution, organizing IoT data longitudinally for each data subject.  Projecting IoT data onto a personal timeline for each type of activity provides the most intuitive type of transparency for data subjects as well as regulators. 
PRIVACY VAULT integrates directly with all types of IoT data streams, providing high-velocity data capture of personal data for all kinds of activities and behavior:
  • locations
  • appliance usage
  • healthcare telemetry
  • purchases
  • driving habits
  • and all other types of personal IoT data...
In PRIVACY VAULT each IoT record is shielded for privacy-protected processing and analytics including:
  • transparent pseudonymization
  • per-person data encryption
  • blockchain-like "activity chains"for guaranteed IoT sequencing
  • optional privacy-preserving Augmented Analytics for AI/ML processing
  • privacy-protected contextual search