Internet of My Things (IoMT)

IoMT is a relatively new type of personal data that is growing very quickly thanks to connected mobiles, automobiles and devices of all kinds that generate personal preference, activity and other sensitive data.
With the expected rapid adoption of 5G networks, billions of new devices and pervasive corporate edge-computing, IoMT is poised for rapid growth. 
However, this connected future is also subject to data protection regulations.   IoMT generates personal data observing all kinds of activities and behavior:
  • exercise habits 
  • locations
  • driving habits
  • appliance usage
  • health and wellness telemetry
  • purchases
  • much more...
PRIVACY VAULT provides a secure, hi-velocity, person-centric solution for IoMT records. Each record is shielded by privacy-protected processing and analytics including:
  • transparent pseudonymization
  • per-person data encryption
  • optional privacy-preserving Augmented Analytics 
  • optional activity data payload index generation
  • optional digital signatures for blockchain-inspired "activity chains"