The GDPR is a principle-based, highly contextual regulation that is intended to fundamentally change the nature of personal data processing.

Complying with the GDPR is not simple. 

  • Compliance is measured according to effectiveness in protecting both personal data and personal rights. 

  • Achieving compliance requires proving strong accountability in all the steps that lead to data and rights protection. 

  • The law includes a highly challenging list of individual rights that must be guaranteed by each data controlling organization, including comprehensive transparency for all personal data processing operations plus a maximal degree of control over the processing itself.

  • Contextual Records of Processing Activities must be maintained as evidence of compliance.  

ContextSpace uniquely delivers GDPR compliance outcomes across any number of digital applications. 


We transform personal data processing through comprehensive privacy enforcement controls that are executed via our technology infrastructure products, in the cloud or on-premises.


ContextSpace delivers comprehensive, GDPR-specific requirements by:


  • Emphasizing and documenting collaborative design that minimizes risk of harm, driven via GDPR specific rules and parameters, and ensuring strong accountability.

  • Providing comprehensive fulfillment of all GDPR Data Subject Rights, with real-time capabilities.

  • Automating daily Privacy Operations to prevent non-compliant activities and data breaches and produce truly sustainable compliance outcomes.

  • Generating fully contextual and compliant Records of Processing Activities.