Event-Driven Microservices

When PRIVACY VAULT performs a task,  it also produces an event - a real-time indicator of a processing activity.
Other PRIVACY VAULT and 3rd party services are able to 'subscribe' to consume these events to trigger any of their own tasks needed as a result of the event.

An event-driven architecture offers many advantages in the PRIVACY VAULT solution:

  • Asynchronous.  Most PRIVACY VAULT services are performed asynchronously.  This supports massive scalability as well as long-running business processes.

  • Automated complex processing. Virtually any kind of action can be performed based upon a personal data processing event.

  • Loose Coupling. Services can be updated, tested, and deployed independently without any dependency or impact on other services that are already running.

Event-driven services are developed graphically, using industry-standard BPMN2 definitions. This enhances productivity across business, technical and security staff wishing to extend PRIVACY VAULT functionality to address specific business use cases.