Distributed Big Data Platform

Personal Data growth is exploding.  This explosion will go nuclear with the adoption of 5G networks.
Furthermore, the nature of the data is also diversifying to include:
  • personal profiles
  • relationships
  • behaviour records
  • activity records
  • Internet of Things
  • unstructured data (documents, images, voice and video). 
Today, organizations fragment their personal data holdings onto many different premises and cloud infrastructure of multiple types:
  • file systems
  • RDBMs
  • NoSQL
  • blob stores... and much more.
This fragmentation greatly complicates privacy compliance as well as overall data governance, and it costs a fortune due to data duplication, cleansing and consequences.
PRIVACY VAULT provides an alternative option - a fully distributed, redundant, reliable and personally-encrypted data vault for each of your data subjects.  This option tremendously simplifies and automates data governance:
  • All collected data is held in a person-centric model, greatly simplifying compliance
  • Each person's data is uniquely and differently encrypted and pseudonymized, preventing data breaches and unauthorised access or disclosure by insiders
  • Multi-Party Computing protects or neutralizes encryption keys for each Data Controller
  • All types of diverse data is categorized, classified, instantly found and fully governed
  • Automatic, purpose-driven data retention policies are fully enforced
  • Data subjects gain transparency and access to all of their PRIVACY VAULT protected data - in real-time
  • Data Controllers are granted purpose-limited access to narrowly scoped data
  • Contextually-comprehensive Records of Processing are generated in real-time