enforceable Data Protection Impact Assessments

PRIVACY VAULT provides a comprehensive DPIA tool suite. 
These DPIAs are different - they generate risk containment policies which are then enforced on a consistent, application-neutral basis for each processing purpose. 
DPIA processing support includes:
  • ​Purpose Limitation. DPIA is used to define enforceable purpose limitation.  Many companies neglect this key regulatory compliance requirement because it is too hard to do, placing their compliance outcomes at risk; PRIVACY VAULT greatly simplifies purpose-limited processing.
  • Data Subject Information. Part of compliance risk arises when insufficient information is presented, or made easily available, to the data subject. The DPIA provides a single place to collect all the purposeful processing information available to each data subject, as required by law.
  • Risk Scoring. PRIVACY VAULT allows the likelihood and severity of harm from each processing purpose to be evaluated and scored.  The risk scoring can be optionally used to drive DPIA stakeholder workflows, where low-risk purposes can be approved on a delegated basis, while higher-risk purposes require multiple stakeholder or even Supervisory Authority approvals.
  • Actionable. PRIVACY VAULT connects to your live data sources to enforce purpose-limited data access governance - in real time.