Data breach resiliency

PRIVACY VAULT is designed to provide effective and reliable data breach prevention, containment and resilience, enabling data controllers to realize the following benefits:
  • Availability.  The solution and its defenses are fault-tolerant and provide for continuous operations through tunable active-active redundancy
  • Prevention. PRIVACY VAULT encrypts personal data differently for each data subject. This renders data breaches virtually harmless and unreportable
  • Containment.  Thanks to its always-on Purpose-Based Access Control (PBAC) and data release throttling, a successful man-in-the-middle exploit is unlikely to reveal any more than the scope of a single processing purpose, for a single data subject.
  • Business Continuity.  PRIVACY VAULT is deployable to redundant multi-vendor cloud and on-premises simultaneously.  Failure of a complete data center or region has no effect.
  • Prevent Internal or External Compromise.  The solution prevents accidental or malicious data leakage through PBAC data access boundaries.  Only staff and accounts authorized for both the PRIVACY VAULT API and a specific purpose are able to submit data processing requests.  Since all personal data is always fully encrypted and pseudonymized, free-form data browsing is prevented by default.  
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Risk.  PRIVACY VAULT tracks all successful and failed access attempts as well as the risk posed by each purpose.  This warns the security and data protection teams of anomalous behaviours as soon as they appear.