Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic are giving rise to cybersecurity and data privacy concerns.

Governments and organizations are collecting massive amounts of sensitive health data as well as demographic attributes, behavior records, locations and related activity information.

ContextSpace is a proven platform for supporting COVID-19 and other healthcare solutions that collect, process and analyze personal data.  

  • We eliminate the need to collect location information for contact tracing activities, using our pseudo-anonymized relationship graph technology,

  • We enforce the restriction that personal data can only be processed for a specific, lawful purpose.

  • We encrypt all personal data, including health records, relationship data, locations, activity and behavior and only decrypt the minimum data required to fulfill a specific purpose.

  • We pseudo-anonymize all personal data to minimize risk of data matching and combining.

  • We make all personal data processing activities 100% transparent to individuals and ensure that they can always monitor processing as well as exercise all their legal rights.

Specific solutions include:

Contact Tracing Management, enabling personalized, privacy-protected tracking of people to identify possibly infected contacts and greatly reduce the burden placed upon businesses and offices.


Vaccination Activity Management, enabling organizations and governments to anticipate and manage the massive personal vaccination campaigns that will  begin over the coming 6-18 months.

Both solutions rely upon ContextSpace platform for organizing and protecting personal data and ensuring personal rights.

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