data retention automation

GDPR makes clear that personal data of all kinds should only be retained for as long as there is a lawful purpose for doing so.  As a core privacy principle, non-compliant data retention is subject to the heaviest level of fines: 4% of global annual turnover.
PRIVACY VAULT provides a comprehensive solution that fully automates personal data retention for your organization.  It intelligently evaluates each data element - profile attribute, IoT or Activity record and unstructured document - to determine whether retention is lawful.  
At the end of its legal and purposeful life, the data controller is dynamically denied access to non-purposeful data.  Access to this data by other data controllers and purposes is unaffected, provided that they maintain a lawful basis for processing.
Prior to data being fully deleted, the data subject is given the option to retain the data for future use under their exclusive control, or to delete the unneeded data immediately. 
Records of data retention processing and decision making are dynamically generated and accessible to both the data controller and data subject.