API and Database Integration

PRIVACY VAULT includes an Identity Data Gateway (ID Gateway) that is able to connect into most Enterprise data repositories via a single API. 
The ID Gateway is aimed at those with database administrator (DBA) skills and access passwords. No coding knowledge is required.
The ID Gateway connects and maps to virtually any kind of data infrastructure in order to define each "integration" connecting:
  • 3rd party REST and SOAP APIs
  • JDBC/ODBC SQL databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Cloud databases
  • BLOB stores
  • Message Oriented Middleware
  • Much more...
The integration enables developers to access personal data and eliminates non-compliant activities via:
  • Purpose-Based Access Control
  • Enforcement of Lawful Purpose, including Consent Management
  • Comprehensive Records of Processing.
  • Self Service Privacy Center with real-time Data Subject Access Requests